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7799 Meroni Blvd, North Port, FL 34291
Paz Ellis

Paz Ellis has been an entrepreneur and owned several businesses along with her husband and partner, Leo for almost 20 years. They have bought and sold their own commercial properties and most recently sold their cattle ranch in Oklahoma to move to Florida.  Prior to joining her husband in commercial business, Paz worked in the hospitality industry. She made her way up from reservations agent and was promoted to Group Sales Manager for a Jamaican resort. She later worked for other tour operators in the south. Paz was a wedding and portrait photographer; a student at the University of California, Berkeley and Jersey City State College with a major in History. Her passion for history has always inspired her love of writing. She has published two books: “Plantains and the 7 Plagues, A Memoir:  Half-Dominican, Half-Cuban and Full Life” and “Just Finn” the first in a fictional two-part series.
Joining Keller Williams at Island Life Realty in Venice, Florida is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with beautiful beaches and wonderful people. This is the road Paz has traveled to live, love, work, play and serve a community she has always dreamed of belonging to.

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