I’m a native of Brazil who has embraced the USA as my home since 2010 . Residing in Cape Coral, me and my husband not only made a home for our family but we also own a thriving family business, Maximo Flooring. My days are filled with the joyful chaos of raising two children. Isabella, the spirited 4-year-old, and Gabriel, the inquisitive 8-year-old . In addition to my role as a mother, I actively contribute to the success of Maximo Flooring, the family-owned business in Cape Coral.

Our Business goal is to bring a family feeling to customers. Together with my husband, we have built a foundation of quality and reliability, providing flooring solutions that reflect our commitment to excellence. I believe in the future and would rather live 100 year ahead, to see the amazing things that can be created. I believe in kids and I love to volunteer at school and events that bring us close to the new generation, but I Also believe roots are very important for the future so I’m part of a group the visit nursing homes, Caravan of love , and that is amazing.

When is time to take a break, my favorite choice is forest, camping , being in the middle of nature, my currently spot are Ocala National Park, FL and Windrock Park, TN. I’m learning to navigate the dynamic intersections of family, community service, and the flourishing success of Maximo Flooring and having a strong women community as LCBW helps in every aspect of the journey! Come visit us! 😉