My name is Vicki Vertich-Hutcheson. I have been a resident of Florida since 1982, moving from New Jersey. My career as a nurse has spanned 50 years. Oh My!! My passion is Maternal-Child nursing. I am a Board Certified Lactation Consultant and have assisted new families with their transition to parenthood.


I am now employed by Charlotte County Healthy Start. The agency provides, education, resources and services to pregnant women and families with children to age 3. I am the Community Liaison and Quality Manager. I am married to a wonderful, supportive husband of my long hours and dedication to my career. I am very blessed with three children and lots of grandchildren. My enjoyment is spending time with family and that includes my 2 standard poodles Joy and Cabby. We all love our long walk and rides in the golfcart. Here are the questions that I am asked to answer.


My favorite vacation spot is the mountains in the fall in Tennessee or the Carolinas. The best way to support your community is by volunteering for an agency that you have passion for their mission. I believe that I would like to live 100 years in the past. I have such good memories of my life during these past 71 years so I would gladly relive most of those years!!