I have been involved in a few of my own businesses over the years. From a cleaning company to my CBD, my world is ever evolving and changing.

I started the CBD journey with a formation of our TopiCream in 2019, and have added on many products since, some of which sold and worked, some we have not. I love the CBD world, it is difficult with compliance issues, rules, and all of the misinformation out there. However when I hear from a friend or a client about how one of my products has help them- it makes it all worth while.

An easy way for me to do something nice in this industry is to give away a product and tell someone how and why it should help them. I also recently got into photography, which I have always loved. But just recently started doing it for a profit. I love snapping pics. What I really love is telling a story thru my eyes, showing people how I see them. Showing people how I see the world.
I think it is a nice way to show someone they are beautiful and together we can capture the best moments in their lives.

I grew up in a small town in NJ and moved to Naples when I was 19. I love the big cities like Philly for the history and non-stop activity. I like the bigger towns like Naples because whatever you want or need you can get. I have recently found a few little towns in mid-Florida. I like the quaintness about small town, but there is not enough activity and movement for me., So I prefer large town, small city.

If i was carefree and didnt have to work- on any given day, I would either be sitting in a chair on the beach, or volunteering at a wildlife sanctuary.
And yes, I am a Gemini thru and thru.