Meet Dr. Kristen Kupeyan, a Windsor-born and raised athlete who followed her longtime passion for medicine to become a triple board-certified Family Physician and Obesity Medicine Physician in both the United States and Canada.
Combining her joy for athletics and academics at an early age instilled in her the importance of balance and wellness and continues to be a touch stone at each stage of the medical care she provides.
Looking back, her journey began in 1997 with an invitation to join the inaugural Women’s Golf Team on a Golf and Academic scholarship. She completed her Bachelors of Science Degree in 2000 at Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate, TN. Dr. Kupeyan then pursued her medical studies at St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine where she received the Leadership Award and served as a Student Government Representative. While completing medical studies in Belize, Florida, Maine, Michigan, Ontario, and the United Kingdom, Dr. Kupeyan diversified her portfolio by receiving her Masters in Health Services Administration degree from St. Joseph’s College of Maine in 2005.
During her final year of the Master’s program, she began her residency training in Family Medicine in 2004. Her program focused on the vast array of training in Family Medicine and she completed her residency with a focus in Women’s Health at Spartanburg Regional Health System in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Here she served as co-Chief Resident during her final year in 2007.
Upon completion of her residency training and now with a growing family, Dr. Kupeyan moved back home to Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Upon returning, she worked for 13 years as a Hospitalist Physician at Windsor Regional Hospital at the Ouellette Campus. Simultaneously, in 2010 her own family practice opened at its current location of 1083 Ouellette Avenue, and training in Aesthetic Medicine and Obesity Medicine began.
In 2012, Dr. Kupeyan’s medical weight-loss clinic was developed, and “Weight-loss Wednesdays” became one of the most enjoyable days of the week for her. In 2020, she became board-certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine, further expanding her reach to help patients attain their weight loss goals.

Shortly after the introduction of the Weight-Loss clinic, Dr. Kupeyan began studying under Dr. Neal Rouzier, a world-renowned physician in Hormone Replacement Therapy. Instantaneously, Dr. Kupeyan’s previous interest in Women’s health and Weight Loss were merged and her Hormone Replacement Therapy practice began to grow. After 18 months of training and further study, she completed her certification in Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy in 2015, allowing her to further help men and women throughout all stages of life.

In 2018, ‘B Medical Center’ and ‘B at the Top Medical Aesthetics’ were born out on construction and renovations of an 1895 Tudor-style building she once lived in as a child. This brainchild of Dr. Kupeyan and Dr. Blue is a patient-centered medical home in the heart of downtown Windsor. Shortly after, they welcomed ‘Aegis Pharmacy’, an in-house pharmacy that specializes in hormone compounding as well as servicing general prescription needs, into the ‘B Medical’ family and now have a multi-service facility to treat patients of all ages. Working with Aegis Pharmacy has led to interdisciplinary collaboration and development of a personalized approach to Hormone Replacement Therapy and weight-loss medicine. This in-house collaboration also provides pharmaceutical options to our patients in one convenient location.


Furthermore, Dr. Kupeyan’s attention to detail and full-body health approach has led her to the development of ‘B at the Top Medical Aesthetics’, ‘B Medical Florida’, and the “Menopause Weight Method”, all-encompassing programs designed to help patients feel and look their best. By combining physical health through wellness, preventative care, and proactive care, Dr. Kupeyan helps men and women with their transition through different life stages such as menopause and andropause.


Dr. Kupeyan is proud of the wide range of services she provides in Family Medicine, Women’s Health, Hormone Replacement, Weight Loss, Aesthetics and other interventional treatments in both Windsor, Ontario and Southwest Florida. In following a holistic method of care Dr. Kupeyan ensures each of her patients receives an individualized treatment plan on the backbone of her belief to, Be your best, feel your best, look your best with ‘B at the Top’. My favourite vacation spot: Riviera Maya, Mexico


What is a good way to give back to your community? Provide support and education to youth who want to pursue greater things & to provide necessary healthcare to those that cannot afford or obtain it

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